Annie Taylor Chen gillar vegetarisk mat

Annie Taylor Chen är fjärde personen att bli intervjuad i In The Kitchens tema vegetarisk mat. Annie är en vegansk kock och matstylist från Shanghai i Kina, hon driver den inspirerande veganbloggen

Intervjun är på engelska och jag har inte översatt eftersom att jag vill att även Annies läsare ska kunna läsa utan Google Translate-översättning.

Describe yourself in about three sentences

– I am a passionate food lover of healthy plant-based food that is not only good for our body, but supports sustainable environment and spares animals’ lives and labor. That’s why I am chasing a career to spread this message to the world.

How come you are eating vegetarian/vegan?

– I am vegan because I don’t want to contribute to any suffering of animals and damaging of the environment, plus, through years I’ve enjoyed the benefits of better health, especially seeing that I used to get sick very often.

Annie Taylor ChenHow long have you been vegetarian/vegan?

– I’ve been vegetarian for 10 years (yes 2013 is my ten year anniversary!), and vegan for about 2.5 years.

Have you ever been tempted to eat meat?

– Fortunately, no.

What tips do you have for carnivores who wants to eat more vegetarian?

– I think people should take slow steps, for instance, you can start on reducing red meat, then white meat, then fish, then egg, then dairy and honey. During this process, take your own pace. If you ”break a rule” or something, don’t beat yourself up, it’s natural. Include more veggie food little by little to your dinner plate. Educate yourself well on what to eat and where to shop, associate with other veggie people to create a support group for you.

– Your body will feel great after a while and will start to tell you what it likes, you will even stop craving for unhealthy calories!

What is your favorite recipe?

– I don’t have a favorite actually… but I recommend Soy protein stir fry with leek and onion for a starter.

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